Some examples of flowers of Belle-Ile.

To be noted the recent publication (Summer 2006) of a remarkable booklet: "Petite flore de Belle-Ile" (author: Etienne Lebigre), published by the "Maison de la Nature, CPIE de Belle-Ile en Mer."

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Ulex europaeus. After the bleakness of winter, furze clothes the moor with a blanket of headily scented yellow flowers.
Armeria maritima. Armeria carpets cover the wild coast in May.

Prunus spinosa. In March, the white flowers of the blackthorn bloom on the heath and along the footpaths.

Asphodels near Kerzo (near Locmaria).

Iris pseudoracus. Can be seen in swampy areas.

Ulex europaeus. When the furze is protected from the wind, it may reach a height of 2 meters.

Carpobrotus edulis. The fruits are edible (used to make a jam). This plant (Hottentot fig) comes from South Africa. On Belle-Ile, you can find it from Kerdonis to Port-Blanc and on some other places on the southern coast..


Can be seen on the dune of Donnant


Echium vulgare.
Rosa pimpinellifolia. You may find this delicate flower on the dune of Donnant
Rosa pimpinellifolia. Another colour of this beautiful rose.
Geranium sanguineum. You can find this geranium almost everywhere on Belle-Ile
Anacamptis laxiflora. One of the 9 species of orchids of Belle-Ile.
Matthiola sinuata.
Hibiscus syriacus.

Helianthemum guttatum.Fragile flower on the seashore at Domois.

Chrysanthemum leucanthemum. Daisy flowers on the dune of Donnant
Fremontia californicum.You can see one example at Petit Cosquet, near Kervilahouen..
Sedum anglicum. Small white and pink flowers (diameter of about 5 mm) blooming on the coastline (even under the sea spray).
Medicago marina. Dune of Donnant
Centranthus ruber.Very common flower on Belle-Ile
Lagurus ovatus. Two "Bunny Tails" among golden clover (Trifolium aureum). (Dune of Donnant)
Glaux maritima. (Donnant)
Senecio cineraria. "Les Poulains" foreland.
Eryngium maritimum. Beach of Bordardoué
Verbascum Blattaria

Autumn lady's tresses (Spiranthes spiralis) (Donnant)

(High definition)

Autumn squill (Scilla autumnalis).

(Dune of Donnant)











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