The colour and the texture of the sand of Belle-Ile is very different from one beach or creek to another one.

Here are some examples:

Ster Ouen
Port Andro
La Biche
Les Galères
Grands Sables
Kouar Filimetch
Port Huelen
Gros Rocher
Kouar Huede
Les Poulains
Port Domois
Ster Vraz
Port Lezonet
Port Gwenn
Port Skeul
Port York
In addition, here are two points of interest:

On the beach of Bordardoué, you may find in the sand some small sticks (about one centimeter long, yellow or grey or brown colour). They come from an American ship, the "Florence H", loaded with ammunition, which exploded on 17th April 1918. Explosives have been driven ashore on the beaches of Belle-Ile. When dry, these small sticks can still easily burn.

On some beaches of the North coast (Poul Pez, Bordery, Deuborh, Grands Sables, etc.), you may find some veins of garnet-red sand: this sand is very dense (density: more than twice the usual sand). It is made of garnet (more than 80%), of zircon and magnetite (you can check it with a magnet). With a magnifying glass, you may see some nice small crystals.

"Dynamite" of Bordardoué
Garnet-red sand at Poul Pez

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