From Goulphar to Bangor island. The Wild Coast is indented and the islands are numerous. Two mooring places: Goulphar and Kerel, are used by yachtsmen in summertime.

Goulphar is not considered as a beach, but Kerel is a very much appreciated bathing place because the water is often warmer than on other beaches (very low slope gradient of the beach, and well-sheltered site).

You will see many caves along the shore. The most famous is the Talut Cave which can be gone across at low tide.

A beautiful walk along the Wild Coast: from the Talut signal station to Porh Domois, to be performed in the morning to get the sun on the right side. When the sea is calm, Porh Domois is a remarkable place for snorkelling: there are many caves and passages under the rocks where you can swim.

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The lighthouse of Goulphar

Fishing at Goulphar

Near Goulphar

Domois, general view
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Velen island and Domois island
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Goulphar in August.

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Fishing at Goulphar.

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Goulphar, by a summer morning.

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Goulphar, in wintertime.
Clear water at Goulphar.

Goulphar, towards the end of the cove.

Another view of Port Goulphar

The rocks of Domois, seen from Goulphar

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The same rocks of Domois, as painted by Claude Monet in 1886.
The rocks of Domois under the snow


Stone arch between Goulphar and Domois
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In the Talut cave.
Velen island.
Velen and Domois islands, from the Talut foreland.
Domois island is accessible at low tide.

The "Fornetch"

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The same "Fornetch", as painted by Claude Monet in 1886.
Porh Domois, seen from Kouar Kolenn

The "Chtarnek" and the "Fornetch"
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General view of Domois
Clear water at Domois

Porh Domois

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Cave at Domois
The "Virgin Cave" at Domois
Another pierced rock which can be crossed by swimming...
...or with a kayak
Kouar Vredig


Kerel in summertime.

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Boats at Kerel.

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Kerel in summertime.

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Kerel, general view.

Bathing at Kerel

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Small creek at the right of Kerel, by the coastal footpath.

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The small creek of Gripek

Port Kerel, seen from "Le Beg"

Fishing at Kerel

Commemorative marble plaque at Kerel

Creek of Malatern
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Porh Oder

Port Kerel

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Fishing near the Bangor island "Le Chtarnek" Sandwich Terns (Sterna sandvicencis) at Kerel

Caution ! when there is a strong wind or a large swell, the sea is dangerous !

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De Goulphar à l'île Bangor De Goulphar à l'île Bangor Pointe des Poulains Aiguilles de Port-Coton Plage de Donnant De Donnant au Grand Guet De Goulphar à l'île Bangor De Goulphar à l'Ile Bangor De Goulphar à l'île Bangor De l'île Bangor à Porh Gwenn De Porh Gwenn à Kastel Brand De Kastel Brand au Skeul Du Skeul à Kerzo De Kerzo à La Biche De La Biche à la pointe Bugul De La Biche à la pointe Bugul De la pointe Bugul à Port Guen De la pointe Bugul à Port Guen Le Palais Des Curés à Port Jean Sauzon Sauzon De Fri Mez à Kerledan De Kerledan à Donnant De Baguen Hir à Fri Mez