Along this part of the Wild Coast, the sea is not very accessible (only in some rare places) and the cliff is very sheer and high.

Among the remarkable sites, you may visit Porh Lost-Kah (or Port Loskah), the "Pilor" and the "man of Port-Coter".

Porh Lost-Kah is the location of the wreck of the ship "Prince de Conty". 127 people were drowned and 59 only survived. Coming back from China, this ship of 600 tons, armed with 38 guns, built in Lorient in 1743, was lost on December 3rd, 1746 on the southern coast of Belle-Ile, near Port Lost-Kah. The ship, coming from Portugal, was heading to Rouen when the Captain made a navigation error which caused this tragedy (running ashore in foggy weather). The search conducted in 1985 in the freight of this ship has shown the presence of tea, of red wood used as dye, of small gold ingots and of China porcelain (dating from the beginning of the reign of emperor Qianlong - 1736 to 1795).

In order to retreive a part of the freight, many efforts had been made after the wreck: stairs were carved out in the rock and a diving bell was also used. This diving bell was hanged to a cable laid between two tripods set up in the rock on both sides of the creek: square section holes used to fix these tripods are still visible on both sides.

Nowadays, you still may meet some divers searching in the area (and maybe not always under the cover of the DRASSM...).
To get additional information about the wreckage of the ship "Prince de Conty" (crew of the ship, workers sent to Belle-Ile for the retrieval of the freight, etc.), click here .

For more information concerning the wrecks at Belle-Ile or in Britanny, click here (French language only !)

The "Man of Port-Coter" is a sculpture which can be seen in a steep glen, east of Port-Coter (or Porh Koter). This hollow shape (about 1,5 m high) is the contemporary work of a sculptor of Belle-Ile (now deceased).

Near the Skeul foreland, the natural sculpture of the "Pilor" rock still resists to the assaults of the sea and the wind.

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The "Pilor" The "Pilor" Porh Lost Kah Porh Lost Kah Low tide at the "Skeul" Port-Coter and the Skeul foreland in the back
General view of Porh Lost Kah
Location of the wreckage of the "Prince de Conty" (below the stairs)
Stairs carved out in the rock.
Spring at Porh Lost Kah
One of the holes (tripod leg).
Place of the holes in the rock (red arrows).
Kastell Brand foreland
The southern coast, seen from Kastell Brand
Bourhig island
Bourhig island
The "Man of Port-Coter"
Flagstone where the sculpture is located
Detail of the sculpture

(High definition)

(High definition)

The "Pilor" rock.
The "Pilor" rock.
The "Pilor" rock.
The "Pilor" rock, seen from the opposite side.
The "Pilor" rock, seen from the Skeul foreland.
Pierced rock at the Skeul.
Skeul foreland.
Breaking wave, at Skeul foreland

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