From Kerledan to Donnant : Some beautiful creeks and many caves and pierced rocks.

Shipwreck... Cargo Yser
This cargo ran ashore in the cove of Port Puns, between Port Skeul and Porh Lezonet. On October 18, 1928, the Yser freigther with a cargo of 3,300 tons of coal was going to Chantenay, near Nantes? There were 26 crew members on board. Because of the fog and a rough sea, she ran ashore on the rocks. The crew could climb on the cliff but the vessel sank after a few days.
The wreck lies at a depth of about 12m, on the sand in the middle of the cliff. Presently, it remains the anchor, two boilers about 4m diameter, some cargo booms and the propeller shaft with its propeller and a few pieces of scrap metal embedded in the rock. By easterly wind, calm seas and sunny weather, this dive is possible (location noted on the map). The position is: 47 ° 20 '019N - 03 ° 14' 883W (E50). It is listed by the Shom as No. 14573,306.
We can still observe, sealed in the cliff, metal bars which allowed the crew to carry out the recovery of valuables left in the wreckage before it sank.

The steering wheel of this ship Yser is shown on the wall of the Restaurant "L'Annexe" (one of the good restaurants of Belle-Ile) located on the "Yser" quay of Le Palais.

For more information concerning the wrecks at Belle-Ile or in Britanny, click here (French language only !)

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Kerledan, panoramic view

The beautiful creek of Kouar Filimetch

(High definition)

Kerledan and Kouar Filimetch (on the right). In the back, the village of Bordelann

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The beautiful creek of Kouar Filimetch, with its lightgrey sand.

In the sea, the rock of "Basse Veleg". In the background, on the left, the "Sea-gull island".

"Sea-gull island" , in front of Kerledan and Kouar Filimetch
  Collecting barnacles on Basse Veleg
Port Lezonet, with a sandy sea bed (appreciated by the grey mullets)
Another view of Port Lezonet with the small pond in the back of the creek.
Small creek between Port Lezonet and Port Puns
Port Puns is a very steep creek.

Port Puns, at high tide.

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Groh Torec, pierced rock: you may see the daylight in the bottom of the cave, coming from the other cave (Groh Du).
Another view of Groh Torec: this cave is also a "star cave", like Port Coton.

Some keys to decode the local toponimy

Port Skeul, at low tide.
North side of Port Skeul: another pierced stone.
Port Skeul, seen from the old fortification embankment.
Port Skeul, at low tide.
Beach of Donnant, seen from Anter. You may see the sandbank: in wintertime, the beach "slims down" and in the spring, the sand comes back to the beach.










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